Poor Cian, his face is so red.

Maaaaan. I remember sketching out Brianna's letter scene 3 years ago. Can't tell you how amazing it feels to finally be at this point. My initial goal was to have ATC done by end the of June. But with events that keep popping up I've had to push it back to end of July. Making July a crazy month with Anime Expo and SDCC coming up. Can I do it? We shall see!

It's a bummer when you don't meet your goal but I will say that having the end of June as my initial goal became a tangle post to measure work done over time. If I kept to my old schedule it would have taken another year. So saying that there is one more month left...yeah, feeling pretty good about that.

Anime Expo // July 1-4th // Los Angeles Convention Center // Table A50

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