This was one of the most satisfying pages to draw. It's quite something to have a scene planned in your mind for over 3 years to finally have it see the light of day! It is an old Irish custom that when a couple was promised, there was a tradition of finding a brightly colored ribbon that would be tied around the couple's hands. If you ever wonder where the expression "tying the knot" came from...

Also, happy Labor Day! Just got back from Salt Lake City Comic con last night and it's great to have a day to rest up after the long drive. It was a great show and I am excited to have meet new people!

I am sorry for those confusion for those who thought I was doing SF Comic Con.It appears there was a list that wasn't updated and I felt so bad seeing the pictures sent to me of an empty table. But there is still a chance to catch me this month at the Santa Rosa Toy Con happening September 24th.

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