Where are you off to in a hurry, Cian?

New website design implemented at last! What makes this new design exciting is no manually updating pages each week. Less time trying to update and more time to work on comic pages.
So take a look around and let me know what you think in the comments.

AAAaaaaaand at the top you will see the Patreon button. It's up! It's up! It's up! Been working so long on the content it's exciting to finally share.

There are going to be some fun stuff happening for Above the Clouds. ATC will always be free to read, but for those who help keep the project moving forward there are going to be a lot of fun rewards.

So take a look! Reblog! And a big thank you, in advance, for all your help.

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What is Above the Clouds?

ABOVE THE CLOUDS tells two intertwining stories--the adventures of a hero who must save a dying world, and a girl who must convince an author to finish what he has started. Updated every Monday!

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