Brianna reperesnts the peacemaker of the family. She wants to make the people she loves around her happy and as a result often finds herself in the middle. Would she be as brave when she needs to stand up for her own happiness?

When drawing out the different dynamics of Eily's family I try to keep a few things in mind. With Eily and Brianna I try to mirror their gestures to highlight the tension Eily feels in being compared. When Mum, Eily and Brianna are present, Brianna is placed in the middle to show her need to make them both happy. How do you see yourself within your own family?

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What is Above the Clouds?

ABOVE THE CLOUDS tells two intertwining stories--the adventures of a hero who must save a dying world, and a girl who must convince an author to finish what he has started. Updated every Monday!

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