Have you heard of the old Irish tale of the King of Birds? A race of all races to declare who would be the king. An old owl stood as the judge with two swans as witness. A great and mighty eagle versus a small little wren would race to the highest point of the sky. Who ever reached it first would win. The race began and the eagle took off with all it's might. So focused was the eagle that it didn't notice that the wren jump on it's back and at the last second the wren hopped off ahead and won!

The eagle was furious and demanded the owl tell the wren it cheated. But the wise owl told the eagle "I didn't say the king had to be the fastest or the strongest. The wren was smart enough to know how best to beat his opponent. So I declare wren the winner!"
And that is how the smallest of birds became the king of all.

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What is Above the Clouds?

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