Above the Clouds follows a young girl, name Eily, who has been given a book about a hero who most go on a quest to save a great tree from darkness. Only, the story isn't finished and Eily must go on her own adventure to get an author, who doesn't believe himself, to finish the book.


Written and illustrated by Melissa Pagluica (Pal-ee-Yu-KA).

ABOVE THE CLOUDS is a project aimed at learning how to make a comic. I'm learning as I go so if you spot bad grammar or miss spelled words feel free to point them out! Something doesn't make sense? I need to know. I strive for clarity.

When does it update?

Look for updates every Monday & Thursday! Patreon supporters get updates Wednesday & Friday (and is one page ahead)

Is this a silent comic?

Since my goal is learning to tell a story visually I made it a rule that anything not written down in Eily's world would have no words. However if it's within the Caretaker's world there will be!

How long will this series be?

This is an 8 chapter series. Yep, ATC has an ending! I've created a master outline for the series, and even secondary outlines for each chapter.


Eily (EYE-LEE)

"I want to make Mum happy, but why is it the harder I try the unhappier I am?"
Short for Eileen, Miss Eily is a young maiden whose heart was broken and was happy to get lost in a book given to her by Cian. She has a talent for drawing and getting into trouble for not being "lady like".

Aidan (AY-den)

“Better to try and know than always wonder.”
Cian's good friend who also has lost his heart to Brianna. Only, he isn't afraid to show it.


"I have always put my family's happiness first...but where does mine fit in?"
The lovely Brianna, Eily's older sister, who appears to be everything a good lady their mother believes one should be. And would never break the rules.

Cian (KEY-an)

"My role is to live by the sword... right?"
Cian would probably let you believe he is just a warrior who thinks only of swords and such, but he is actually a writer as well. But shhhhH! He is rather embarrassed by it and most definitely wouldn't want the affection of his heart, Brianna, or anyone else to know.


"I see so many things. But I wonder, who will see me?”
A lady’s maid, this wallflower has a keen eye to notice what often goes unnoticed. Perhaps because she tries so hard to blend into the background herself.
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